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Let's talk about security @ TransferWise

October 19, 18:30

Tallinn, Estonia
TransferWise, Veerenni 24, Tallinn

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Hi fellow DevOps on Thursday, 19th of November we shall meet at TransferWise and focus on Security Approximate schedule:

18:00 TransferWise office tour for early birds
18:30  Tanya Janca - Pushing Left Like a Boss
19:30  Tõnu Samuel - Peculiarities of the National Hunt in Japan
20:30  Meet the presenters, Social talks, etc.
About the presenters and their talks Tanya Janca is an application security evangelist, technical advisor, web application penetration tester and vulnerability assessor, trainer, public speaker, ethical hacker, OWASP DevSlop Project Leader, Chapter Leader of OWASP Ottawa, Effective Altruist and has been developing software since the late 90’s.  She has worn many hats and done many things, including; Web App PenTesting, Technical Training, Custom Apps, Ethical Hacking, COTS, Incident Response, Enterprise Architect, Project and People Management, and even Tech Support.  She can currently be found helping the Government of Canada secure their web applications.   Pushing Left Like a Boss  With incident response and penetration testing currently receiving most of our application security dollars, it would appear that industry has decided to treat the symptom instead of the disease.  “Pushing left” refers to starting security earlier in the SDLC; addressing the problem throughout the process.  From scanning your code with a vulnerability scanner to red team exercises, developer education programs and bug bounties, this talk will show you how to ‘push left', like a boss.
Tõnu Samuel is well-known white hat hacker. He is one of the earliest developers of MySQL, Tõnu has worked for several software developers and has worked in security with banks worldwide. He was one of the team members of Team Kuukulgur which competed in the fourth running Sample Return Robot Nasa Centennial Challenge in 2015 and has now grown to Starship inc.  Peculiarities of the National Hunt in Japan For those living in Estonia ID card and E-identity are quite clear because we have grown with it. For rest of the world - not quite so. Getting the message through cultural barriers is challenging. Especially when fundamental architectural choices tend to get lost in translation. 

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