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Lotico Brainstorming Session

October 12, 18:00

Berlin, Germany
KONA, Senefelderplatz, Berlin

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We will host this brainstorming session to invite members of the lotico community to come up with new ideas and topics for future lotico events. ideas and topics are not limited to but could be geared towards the Berlin lotico community. 
only requirement for admission to the session is a short written statement on ideas or topics for future meetups. (a title and a paragraph is sufficient) 
please post directly to the lotico wiki event page or email:

Session-Language: German and English 
Session-Type: Open, Brainstorming
Session-Level: Beginner

Lotico CSW - The Berlin Semantic Web Meetup Lotico CSW - The Berlin Semantic Web Meetup

Propose talk to Lotico CSW - The Berlin Semantic Web Meetup