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Marketing Meetup Helsinki: Video Marketing

April 11, 18:00

Helsinki, Finland
Mothership of Work, fueled by Sponda, Pieni Roobertinkatu 9, Helsinki

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Now is the time when you regularly need to find innovative ways to grab customer's attention. In today’s fast-paced world, Video Marketing is a powerful way to connect with consumers, engage them and convert into paying and loyal customers.
And the latest statistics give additional prove. Did you know that:
• Embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.
• 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions.
• 65% of executives visit the marketer's website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video.
• 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.
Come and learn how video marketing affects customer engagement and buying behavior and what is waiting us in the field. It time to move forward and use the most working marketing strategies! Hope to see you at the event!
Program[masked], Tuesday, 6pm:
Welcome  Juha Pihkakoski, Yulia Smolyakova, Gunta Krumina, Tomas Biaudet, Organizers, Marketing Meetup Helsinki  Eevis Ratas, Host, Mothership of Work
Videos in Ecommerce and their Effect on Customer Experience Nora Huovila, Co-Founder, Business Development,
What's waiting us: The Future of Film and Video in Marketing  Pauli Kopu, Founder, CEO at KLOK Creative Agency
Networking  Have a chat and shake some hands with other marketing enthusiasts. We all know that we want to get to know new great people :)  

Marketing Meetup Helsinki Marketing Meetup Helsinki

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