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May 2017 Tech Meetup at Reaktor Helsinki (Spring Special!)

May 10, 17:00

Helsinki, Finland
Reaktor, Mannerheimintie 2, Helsinki

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Welcome to Reaktor Tech Meetup, Spring Special! We're enjoying two topics this May: Vesa Karvonen: What is my state?
Computers are all about state.  You click a button and something changes in the memory of your computer or even across the network.  Shortly after, often without perceivable delay, your screen is updated.  Perhaps the spelling of a word was corrected or maybe a flight was reserved.
Considering the pervasiveness of state it may be surprising that most programming languages offer only limited abstractions for dealing with state. Local variables and fields in objects are typically not treated as first-class citizens: they cannot be returned from functions or passed as parameters.  There is no built-in support for observing, composing, or decomposing state.  There is no support for dealing with state that cannot be accessed synchronously.  Yet, state is one of the most common sources of bugs: state changes and something, a piece of local state, inside your application goes out of sync.
In this talk I will discuss a number of simple abstractions for dealing with state in the context of programming reactive user interfaces.  With the right abstractions programming with state can be fun.  State can be made first-class. It can be composed, decomposed, and made observable.  Storage of state can be decided flexibly and state can be shared across components simply and with ease.  Never again does your UI go out of sync! Teijo Laine: Reaktor Space - embedded platform development
High level applications developed nowadays are often based on hosted infrastructure and open source software that solves all your basic needs and more. What if you have seemingly simple application requirements but you don't even have networking or an operating system to begin with? What if radiation bursts can brick your hardware? What to do when orbiting on the dark side of the Earth prevents you from charging your batteries? In this talk we go through some of the technical problems we've needed to tackle in order to support developing higher level applications for our satellite platform.
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17:00 Doors open, snacks and drinks available
17:30 Talks start
21:00 Official part over, unofficial discussions free to continue at local bars
As always, space is at premium, so please change your RSVP to "No" if you find out you can't make it to the event. Also please note that event is being recorded and shared over Youtube later.
Do keep posted for more information - and, of course, a big welcome from us!

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