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Meetup #13

January 23, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
@bitcrowd GmbH, Oranienstraße 6, 10997, Berlin

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Hey everyone,

welcome to "New Year" edition of the meetup! This time, we will dive into Angular 1.x to React migration, code splitting with webpack and interactive React Native development. Please enjoy :)
Please visit the new website for more infos.
General schedule will be:

* 7:00 - Doors Open
* 7:25 - Short intro from the organizers
* 7:30 - 2 or 3 talks, each ~20 minutes + questions, break in between, afterwards opportunity for lightning talks
Please take note of our code of conduct:
Building React Native Apps interactively by Paulus Esterhazy @pesterhazy
Creators cannot work blindly; they need immediate feedback. In conjunction with React Native, ClojureScript offers a way to build apps interactively. In this live coding session I will show how to build up a simple iOS app step by step from the REPL, using principles of functional programming.
Code splitting with Webpack: alternative approach to route-based chunking by Yevgen Safronov [email protected]
It's common nowadays to ship all JS in a single file to the client. As a result, most of the time we load extra bits of the code that aren't required for the current page.
Code-splitting is one answer to the problem of monolithic bundles. It’s the idea that by defining split-points in code, it can be divided into different files that are lazy loaded on demand. The technique improves startup time and helps us get to being interactive sooner.
Beat the framework dependency – How to migrate an Angular 1.x app with over[masked] lines of code to React. by Sebastian Fröstl - @sfroestl
The JS environment is currently probably the fastest growing development ecosystem. What do you do when new concepts pop up within months? Can you still embrace new technologies? How can you ensure minimal dependency on a framework? How can you migrate without rewriting from scratch?

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