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Meetup #51: Cosmos - Internet of Blockchain

February 20, 19:30

Berlin, Germany
Open Space, Bülowstrasse 80, Berlin

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The meetup will be livestreamed. Details will be announced. 
Cosmos: Internet of Blockchain - Jae Kwon
With countless blockchains, both public and private in existence, interoperability remains an unsolved problem. Assets on one blockchain generally can't be moved to other chains and exchanging assets on different blockchains requires going through a centralized intermediary. The Cosmos project aims to change that by creating an internet of blockchain that connects different chains through the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. Interoperability is achieved through the shared Cosmos Hub, powered by the Tendermint consensus protocol, that keeps track of the number of tokens in each connected chains and manages transfers between them. 
Jae Kwon
Jae Kwon is the founder and CEO of Tendermint, which has been building the leading proof-of-stake consensus protocol since 2014. Tendermint is widely used for permissioned chains including in Monax's ErisDB platform and newly as an option for consortium chains with the Parity Ethereum client. He was previously a developer at Yelp and Alexa and graduated in Computer Science from Cornell University.

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