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Meetup at Gymgrossisten

September 14, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Gymgrossisten, Sveavägen 151, Stockholm

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We had a fantastic time at the PHP beer last week. Memories were shared and code was discussed. We had such a great time that we decided to do a meetup with presentations. Big thanks to our friends at Gymgrossisten for hosting us.
The schedule looks like it always has been.
17.30 – Doors open 18.10 – First talk 18.45 – Break 19.05 – Second talk 19.40 – We go to a bar close by
The line up for this event looks like the following
Building your translation process Tobias Nyholm
The Translator component is the one you learned how to use in 5 minutes and you have not thought much about it since. It just sits there in almost every project and just works. That is great, that is what a great component should do.
The tricky part is how you build your development processes to work together with the translation process. You will start to notice problems when you have 4 or more languages. What other tools and services should you use? And how do you teach external translators to edit xliff files? Of course your should not force XML on non-developers.
Taking the experiences learned from JMSTranslationBundle, Happyr’s translation bundles and the PHP-Translation organization; I will give you example of a few very concrete processes working with translations in a Symfony environment.
Vacant talk You?
This is your time to shine. Do you have a topic you are interested in or something you are passionate about? Please share! Talk for 5 minutes or 35. We really like to see you. 
This is a paid event  We are trying something new here. We are charging 29 SEK for this event. We are doing that for two reasons: 
- We want to be able to buy giveaways like stickers, books and T-shirts - We want to have a budget to pay for speakers from other countries
We are not going to pay any salary to the organizers. This event is driven by a non-profit association (ideell förening) and we exists for its members. 
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