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Meetup Cruise to Jfokus 2017

February 5, 17:00

Turku, Finland
Silja Serenade, Helsinki

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Silja Serenade ship from Helsinki- Stockholm Sunday 5th February at 5 PM.
This is a unique opportunity for every Java professional based in Finland to attend Jfokus 2017 conference and network with other Java professionals at Silja Serenade. 
Jfokus 2017 will be arranged in Stockholm 6-8 February - and it is the largest developer event in Sweden, with world class speakers. Join us and head to Jfokus 2017 by Silja Serenade ship from Helsinki- Stockholm Sunday 5th February at 5 PM.Onboard a cruise ship in the middle of the icy Baltic sea, we'll arrange early evening Meetup as a "warm-up" to the Jfokus 2017 conference. You'll have an opportunity to meet Oracle team, Vaadin team and many others- also network with your peers with a cold free beer in your hand - all aboard the fancy Silja Serenade. You can find the preliminary agenda ( 5:00 PM- 7:00 PM ) and speakers on this page soon. As always the topics include deep dives and status updates for the latest technologies related to Java as well as discussion on how development should be done in general. This meetup is free of charge at Silja Serenade, but registration for our Meetup Event seats, catering purposes etc is required: [masked]·         Reserve yourself cabin at Silja Serenade directly or call/ Silja myyntipalvelu phone: 0600 15700.·       Reserve your Jfokus 2017 event ticket directly     Hotel recommended for Jfokus is the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre. More information about the hotel here:
More information and  questions:  [masked]/

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