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Meetup with Jordi Boggiano (@seldaek)

February 13, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden

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We kick start 2017 with a real PHP celebrity. We have invited Jordi Boggiano, the creator of Composer, to join us. Jordi has also created Packagist, Monolog, Private Packagist etc. He is happy to come to Stockholm and share his thoughts and ideas. 
The schedule for the night looks like the following: 
17.30 - Doors open 18.15 - First talk 19.10 - Break 19.30 - We leave for a bar close by
The talk:
How I learned to stop worrying and love Regular Expressions  by Jordi Boggiano
This session will cover Regular Expressions from the basics to the darkest corners of this arcane art. Regular Expressions at the core come in handy to achieve validation and text manipulation tasks. In the day to day life of a developer, becoming comfortable with them opens up many more use cases. As one of the tortured souls that actually enjoys writing - and reading - regexes, Jordi will share his passion so that you too can see there is no reason to worry.

This is a paid event  We are trying something new here. We are charging 29 SEK for this event. We are doing that for two reasons: 
- We want to be able to buy giveaways like stickers, books and T-shirts  - We want to have a budget to pay for speakers from other countries
We are not going to pay any salary to the organizers. This event is driven by a non-profit association (ideell förening) and we exists for its members. 
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