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Mental #PreferencesModel Method Part 1 of 3 (Awareness)

November 10, 17:00

Helsinki, Finland

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Guest designer, trainer and CEO of startup company Grib™, Pouria Kay, will once again give a fun hands-on session about Cognitive Identifiers, how you can analyse yourself and people around you quickly without the need for surveys or interviews. 
We have decided that it's within everyone's best interest to follow each step of the process. Therefore, in order to attend Part 2, you will have to first participate in Part 1, and for Part 3, you will first have to participate in Part 2.
To give everyone that possibility, we have thus decided repeat this first session, and Part 2 will be organised either later this year, or will kickoff UXify 2017. So if you haven't participated in the MPM workshops yet or if you know someone that would like to, please do signup and spread the word. Our Journalist and Blogger Jenni has written a nice account of the first session on our tumblr page:

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