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mHealth in Africa

October 24, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
ThoughtWorks, Mülhauser Str. 6, Berlin

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The rapid evolution of mobile devices and the mobile internet has created new opportunities for tackling ongoing challenges in health and healthcare coverage in so-called developing countries. Despite the wealth of novel ideas on improving the healthcare situation in different African countries using mobile health solutions, there is still a lack of empirical knowledge concerning the feasibility of these approaches, especially where region-specific challenges are concerned. The Berlin Hacking Health Chapter is happy to present two initiatives that aim to approach third world healthcare issues both on an academic and a practical level. Victor and Daniel, two researchers from the Technical University of Berlin, and Samuel from Ärzte für Madagaskar e.V. (Doctors for Madagascar) will share their experiences implementing mHealth solutions in a number of countries in Africa. They also welcome input on how to address the challenges the Doctors for Madagascar are currently facing in their project.
About Doctors for Madagascar: tba
About Victor and Daniel: tba

7.30 pm - Daniel Opoku & Victor Stephani (Department for Health Care Management, TU Berlin) on their research on the usage of mHealth in so-called developing countries 
8:00 pm - Samuel from Doctors for Madagascar about their project 
8:30 pm - Open Discussion on the challenges Doctors for Madagascar are facing while implementing their projects, Input from the audience on how to approach those challenges
9:00 pm - drinks and discussion Thanks for the support of ThoughtWorks Berlin!

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