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Microservices: A journey through distributed architecture.

April 5, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Trifork AB, Ferkens gränd 3, 1 tr., Stockholm

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Greetings Fellow #gotosthlm:ers,
From the survey we sent out after our GOTO Night event, it came to our attention that quite a few of you are hungry for knowledge about microservices. We're into it too and decided the put together a smaller meet-up around the topic. 
For this occasion we will present to you the experiences, challenges and solutions Trifork has gathered on the journey to the perfect distributed architecture, we will bring you Bernd Rücker from Camunda and set-up a mob-programming exercise for you all to get your hands dirty and up your orchestrating skills.
More about the talks:
Bernd Rücker: "‘The Engine’ – a developer’s best friend when implementing (long running) flows!" 
Business logic often involves a lot of long running interactions which might take minutes, days or weeks to complete. Multiple (micro-)services might have to collaborate in order to fulfil business goals. And important decisions have to be made based on rules which are changing very often. We know all these requirements must be addressed! But good solutions are lacking in most projects, leading to messy state handling, home-grown engines and inflexibility when it comes to change business logic, processes or rules.
In this talk I will illustrate the variety of possible solutions for these challenges and show why and how a lightweight engine can help you getting the flow right. This is not about shiny "zero-code" BPM Suites or magic ESBs, which do not work in real-life, but about a developer-friendly approach which might even be “code-only”, but can also leverage graphical visualizations. Afterwards you can judge benefits for the developer as well as for the whole project, including operations. I will use the open source Camunda platform with code examples available on GitHub.
About the Mr. Rücker:
We have limited seats, so apply early!
Stay tuned for more information about the program.

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