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Mini-meetup: Dependency Injection

April 10, 18:15

Berlin, Germany
commercetools Office, Sonnenallee 223, 12059 Berlin, Berlin

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Hi Scalaties,
let's meet in April!
=== 6:30: pizza ===
=== 7:00: Talk from Paulo "JCranky" ===
"An alternative for Dependency Injection Dependency Injection came as a solution to the problem of assembling an application with all its components, in a way that is flexible enough to allow us to replace each individual piece easily. During this talk, we will discuss some common tools used for that, and then present an alternative that simply uses constructor injection… with a little bit of magic from the Scala language."
=== 8:00: 2nd talk TBD ===

Scala User Group - Berlin Brandenburg Scala User Group - Berlin Brandenburg

Propose talk to Scala User Group - Berlin Brandenburg