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Mission: Food Waste at Norrsken House

October 31, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
Norrsken House, Birger Jarlsgatan 57, Stockholm

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Sweden FoodTech's Johan Jorgensen will host a discussion around food waste after an exclusive viewing of Electrolux' new Taste the Waste documentary. Grab your ticket* and see you at Norrsken House:
The food system is broken.
One third of the world is worrying about when they will get their next meal. At the same time, one third of the world is overfed and over-nutrified. More people today are dying from overconsumption than from hunger. Food production is the single biggest negative impact that humans have on the planet. The food system is the biggest source of greenhouse gases and mass species extinction. The food system is broken, therefore we want to invite you to an evening where we will spark a discussion on what we can do in order to fix it. The time is now, and we cannot solve climate change if we don't solve the food system first. We used to be the solution, have we now become the problem?
If you believe there's a better way, join us for an evening and let's be the change the world needs.
Natalie De Brun - Co-founder of Grönska Johannes Cullberg - CEO Paradiset Carolina Sachs - Secretary-General Axfoundation Camilla Björkbom - President Djurens Rätt (Animal Rights Sweden) Einar Bodström Producer - Co-founder of House of Radon Johan Jörgensen - Sweden FoodTech
*Please note that is a paid event and you need to sign up for it separately:

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