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Modern PostgreSQL Meetup

March 30, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
"The Shuttle" Tech Innovation Lab @ Zalando Tech, Mollstraße 1, Berlin

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To secure your registration, please sign up on the PostgreSQL Meetup Group Berlin event page here.

Please remember to bring your ID for entry into the building. 

We're proud to partner up with PostgreSQL Berlin again for a great Meetup! Doors open at 19:00. We'll start off with some food and drinks. 
For the upcoming Meetup we will have two two talks about matching PostgreSQL with upcoming technologies. Turns out, it's a perfect match!
Elephants on Automatic: HA Clustered PostgreSQL with Helm, Josh Berkus 
Josh Berkus, who is known for his long time work on PostgreSQL and now plays with containers and automates everything as a community lead in Project Atomic, will talk about HA Clustered PostgreSQL with Helm.
Kubernetes and Helm are not only the best way to automate high-availability PostgreSQL clusters, they're also the easiest! Join us to find out how you can deploy several different PostgreSQL cluster types using Helm in 30 minutes or less.
Helm is a package manager of choice for the Kubernetes community. PostgreSQL is the most advanced open-source database and is quickly becoming the relational database of choice for numerous developers running their applications in the cloud. In this talk, we are going to show two different types of fully automated PostgreSQL clusters with Helm: Spilo and CitusDB. Spilo provides automated failover and support services for single-master database clusters, and CitusDB provides sharded, big-data PostgreSQL.
We will demonstrate both of these types of clusters (and possibly others), explain how the Helm charts which set them up work, and how you can modify them to support your production environment.
NoSQL The SQL Way, Stefanie Janine Stölting 
Stefanie Janine Stölting, a long time database and web developer and regular speaker at PostgerSQL events, will show how PostgreSQL is a match for the tasks traditionally associated with NoSQL databases.
In 2012 PostgreSQL started with JSON features. Every new release since 9.2 extended PostgreSQL JSON features and gave a users the opportunity to have both, SQL and  NoSQL in one database with the best of both sites.
In this talk I will take you on a walk through PostgreSQL JSON and JSONB features with data examples.

We look forward to seeing you there! This Meetup will also be video-recorded and will be posted online.

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