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moz://a - The new identity of Mozilla with Elio Qoshi at the OpenTechSummit 2017

May 25, 12:00

Berlin, Germany
freiland, Friedrich-Engels-Str. 22, Postdam

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Elio Qoshi from the Mozilla Design community will give a talk about "moz://a - The new identity of Mozilla" at the OpenTechSummit 2017. Please join us at the freiLand creation space in the main hall "Spartacus" on Himmelfahrt, May 25 just after breakfast at 12pm.
We have a limited number of free tickets available for Mozillians: Please use the following link to get your ticket:
The full schedule is available here:
* There are sessions in English and German
Rebrandings are usually quite controversial. Mozilla has not been immune to this either, when the new brand was revealed. Let's take a visual tour throughout the concept behind it and why it's just not a nice thing to look at.- We will shortly summarize Mozilla Open Design on GitHub and how to get involved- Why there was a need for rebranding- Showcasing the new brand- The next steps

Born in Albania, raised in Germany and working nowadays across borders, I have a weakness for open source philosophy (not only metodology), free (as in freedom) software in general, community building and aesthetically pleasing digital design.
Having worked for several startups and organizations, I have devoted my time to simplify little aspects of our life, instead of so called “Innovation”, which promises to invent the wheel so many don’t need.
I’m driven by certain values of the people and organizations I work with, mostly organizations which support Free Software, the Open Web and Open Culture in General. Sharing is caring.
I founded Ura, an Open Source Design agency which helps open source projects improve their design, including Brand Strategy and User Exerpeince. Since 2015 I am a Mozilla Tech Speaker & Representative, working on Mozilla Open Design mostly. I am currently contracted as a Visual Designer at The Tor Project. Further, I act as a Fedora Ambassador and Board Member at Open Labs Albania, the first hackerspace in Tirana, Albana which promotes Free Open Source Software and Culture. More info on

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