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"Navigating early stage VCs 101" by Zach Coelius, Investor & ex-CEO @Triggit 🔥

May 10, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
TheFamily, Chausseestraße 19, 10115, Berlin

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Are you an early stage startup & ready to raise some $$? 💸 
If you're new to the VC game, I bet you'll have a ton of questions. So come hear some great tips from the guy who's been on both sides of the table! 😉
We are pleased to welcome Zachery Coelius, an early stage technology investor and 4x entrepreneur from SF. 
His investments include Cruise Automation (bought by GM for $1B+), Branch Metrics, SkySafe and a dozen other startups. His last venture was Triggit, for which he raised over $25m in venture capital and exited to Gravity4 in 2015. Zach ran Triggit for 10 years, growing it from 4 to 60 employees and over $30m in revenue. ⚡️ 
In this talk, Zach will talk about:  
1. How to raise when you have nothing 🌱   2. You have traction 🚀 What now?   3. You have a business. How to think about financing. 💰  
This event is free & totally open! 
See you there 💖
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PS 2: Come with your friends! Doors open 30min before the event :)
About TheFamily:  We're a long-term strategic investor that empowers entrepreneurs through education, services, and capital. Founded 4 years ago in France, we now have a portfolio of 300 startups. Raised 200 M € collectively for them so far. You may know some of them, like Algolia, Save.co, CaptainTrain, and Menu Next Door. 
And now we’ve opened new offices in London and Berlin. The good thing about Berlin is that no other place in Europe combines the 3 main ingredients so well: 
- Talented entrepreneurs, developers & designers from eastern, southern and northern Europe;  
- A vibrant and easygoing lifestyle - way cheaper than London, way more open than Paris 😉 
- A cosmopolitan and welcoming city that lets you feel like you’re part of it, even if you weren’t born here.

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