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ng-conf livestream @Google

April 5, 16:45

Stockholm, Sweden
Google, Kungsbron 2, Stockholm

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Join us at Google and take part of main Angular event: ng-conf!
If there is a must-visit conference in the Angular community, this is the one. And if you didn't have a chance to go there this year, this is the perfect substitute. Watch the live stream in the most Angular-ish environment possible - the Google HQ right here in Stockholm (on behalf of ng-conf-extended concept).
16.45 - Doors open 17.10  - Keynote by Igor Minar and Stephen Fluin
Then we just continue with the main track:
• I am One with Angular, Angular is One with Me by John Papa  • Mad science with the Angular Compiler by Minko Gechev  • Creating VR Experiences with Angular2 and WebGL by Austin McDaniel  • Module vs Module by Deborah Kurata 
There will be wraps (also veggie wraps) and drinks, and a lot of opportunities to discuss the talks.
As usual, we need you to provide your full name for the badges (Google security requirement). You can do it either in your Meetup profile or just send an email to one of the organizers.
Hope to see you there!  /Fredrik and Jaime

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