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Node.js Meetup #22 (free pizza & refreshments)

May 23, 18:45

Berlin, Germany
Contentful GmbH, Ritterstra├če 12 - 14, Berlin

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Once again, Contentful will kindly sponsor the location, food and drinks for this occasion. Doors open at 18:30.
Talk #1: Decentralized Authentication and Authorization Michael Bucko will talk about building complex applications combining several services, including your own and the third-party ones. He will show how to use cryptographically signed tokens (JWT) to authorize users and actions across services. They can be used in various user contexts: integrating Slack and Github, web app-desktop app interactions, connecting from IDE plugins, and magic URLs to include in emails.
Talk #2: Best Practice for Bots in Node.JS Christian Bick will talk about how to choose between libraries, hosting providers and testing approaches for your first bot. But once these decisions are made you will see yourself confronted with different interaction patterns that you will need to master for creating the best possible user experience. He will share some short-cuts through the jungle of bot development with Node.js and will demo how to develop, test and deploy bots.

Node.js Meetup Berlin Node.js Meetup Berlin

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