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NodeSchool Oulu

February 16, 18:00

Oulu, Finland
Njetworking, Isokatu 56, 2nd floor, Oulu

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Learn JavaScript and Node.js through self-paced interactive workshops!
NodeSchool events have been held around the world, and successfully introduce beginners to JavaScript, Node, and the command-line. We’re excited to bring NodeSchool to Oulu.
You can do NodeSchool workshops from home, but the in-person events give you a chance to learn in a collaborative environment, and also to help other beginners if you already have JS/Node experience. In order to participate, you need:
• A laptop
• A text editor (Visual Studio Code, Atom, etc)
• Node.js installed on your computer
In order to get the most out of this event, please take the time to install Node.js and the NodeSchool workshops you want to do in advance! You will come to the event prepared and thus get more out of it :). 

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