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November Meetup about prototyping

November 23, 17:30

Helsinki, Finland
Kaisaniemenkatu 7, Helsinki

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We have the pleasure to welcome three speakers to come and talk about prototyping: Andrew Longstaff, Matias Pietilä and Mikko Kämäräinen. 
Value from prototypes
Not all prototypes are created equal, and the more that you can think about the prototypes you make and why you are making them, the better you are to use them correctly as well as being able to communicate what you are trying to achieve to others. We will walk through some of the pillars of prototypes and how to pair what you want to test with what you want to be making.

Andrew Longstaff Lead Developer, Idean Helsinki
A digital craftsman focusing on rapid iterative processes, user-centric development, and design thinking for the modern digital life.
Prototyping UI magic
Why and how to design and test transitions and micro-interactions with prototyping tools.
Matias Pietilä (@mpietila) Head of design, Qvik
Matias likes to design user interfaces that solve real problems in a delightful way. For the past five and a half years he has worked at the mobile service powerhouse Qvik, bridging gaps between design, development, and business people.
His design blog can be found at http://köyttöliittymä.net
Prototyping in Code
We had a serious problem. The people we needed opinions from did not understand wireframes. The designer-oriented screen-by-screen prototyping tools never covered even the basic use cases of the things we were supposed to design. The designers pursued strange-making instead of sense-making - spending days re-inventing basic UI components, design patterns and interaction flows. Those responsible of the implementation escaped the designs with an excuse of "can't be done". At this point, we went all lean and switched to code.
Mikko Kämäräinen (@mikkokamarainen) CEO, Infinity
Lead from the front
You are defined by your actions, not your words. Mikko is an evangelist of Creative Thinking and leadership, leading design and development teams from the front. He has a background in interaction design, product design and innovation. In 2003, he was one of the founders of Infinity, a design-driven innovation company with clients such as Nokia, Huawei, Jolla, Kone, Suunto and Microsoft. Coding has been his hobby and passion from the age of 12, and so far he has used 11 different programming languages. Currently he is in love with full-stack ES6 solutions.

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