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November meetup

November 10, 17:30

Helsinki, Finland

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•  Telemetry collection for health monitoring and preventive maintenance - Heikki Nousiainen, Noatek Oy
We'll present our experiences on health monitoring of IP camera based quality control in an industrial setting. We'll discuss our success and challenges in selecting the relevant metrics. We'll touch on secure transport as well as our tool selection for effective storage and visualization of the gathered data for analysis.

•  ECG and DC-EEG measurement and data analysis for recovery and readiness monitoring to avoid injuries and improve athletes performance - Mikko J. Salminen, M. Sc, personal trainer (FISAF), ice-hockey coach, shareholder of Omegawave Oy
We'll present a mobile monitoring system for simultaneous medical grade ECG and DC-EEG measurement and cloud service and tools for data analysis.  We'll discuss the challenges in delicate measurement. We'll present results of some international studies concerning the results of using Omegawave for athletes. We also briefly show Adaptive Training Plan application for serious runners.
• “Imagine a world where things can communicate with us”
- Connect Finland’s role as the first nationwide IoT-operator in Finland by 
Tom Lindblad

Internet of Things Helsinki Internet of Things Helsinki

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