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October Hack Night

October 17, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Brickchain, Götgatan 14, Stockholm

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Let's get together with fellow gophers to build something cool! Get inspired by seeing other gophers at work, and their use of tooling and packages. 
Learn from other developers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!
If you have previous experience with hack nights, we'd love to hear you out to make sure the hack night ends up being a success!
This time we are kindly hosted by Brickchain.
Brickchain is a startup that is building a novel identity and service platform where the user is in control of their personal data and where service providers have provable trust in users and other services. Everything is cryptographically signed and can be easily verified that it was issued by a trusted party. Most of the backend is built using Go and some parts of it will be open sourced in the near future. We are located at Götgatan 14, 4th floor.
After 18.00 we will need to come down to open the door for you. We will send out the phone number to contact the same day as the event.

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