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One on One with RabbitMQ

June 7, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
Trifork AB, Ferkens gränd 3, 1 tr., Stockholm

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Today, there is 13,000+ companies using RabbitMQ worldwide, including top ten from the Fortune 50 and multiple governmental agencies and academia. NY Times, Instagram, Sony, Soundcloud, Salesforce just to name a few...
So what do you know about RabbitMQ? Or what would you like to find out?
At our next GOTO Tech Meetup, we have partnered with our colleagues at Erlang Solutions to organise an evening filled with three RabbitMQ talks from people who know it inside & out.
And what an honour it is to partner with Erlang Solutions on the eve of their Stockholm takeover - Erlang User Conference! We will be handing over discount codes to EUC 17 if you would like to attend it!
As usual we will serve light food and drinks before the talks start.
Come and join us!
Johan Sommerfeld, CEO at S2HC Sweden AB

Johan has been doing programming, math and operations since the beginning of the millennium. Founded S2HC Sweden in 2010, a consultancy focusing on helping clients design and build complex systems to scale. Johan's favourite buzzword are distributed systems, modular design and REST.
"Delivering advanced multi tenancy using simple queues and Erlang"
Johan will look at how to build service delivery for multi tenancy software using RabbitMQ. First he will discuss the concepts of things like how to achieve fair share of resources, handle different levels of prioritization. After that he'll demonstrate how users can apply that with a simple routing using RabbitMQ.

Anders Bäkter, Senior Software Engineer at CloudAMQP AB
"Rethinking RabbitMQ clients"
Description TBC

John Samuel at Erlang Solutions

John Samuel has worked on IT solutions for the last 20 years in various engineering and management roles. Today, he has been a part of every RabbitMQ project that comes through Erlang Solutions’ doors.
“The Agile CIO”
The IT landscape has continually evolved over the last 30 years, managing and distribute relevant information to the modern needs of business users is one of the critical challenges we face today. In this lightning talk John will look at how messaging queues deliver a pragmatic approach to satisfying the insatiable appetite business has for information-driven experiences.

RSVP will open on May 30th.

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