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Open Mozilla Night

March 30, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Mozilla Berlin Community Space, Haus 12, Voltastr. 5, 13355 Berlin, Berlin, Berlin

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Hey fellow Mozillians, 
The Open Mozilla Night is a bi-weekly event bringing people who wants to contribute to Mozilla projects together. Join us, bring your laptop and get started. Anyone is welcome! 
You can go here to brainstorm some ideas crafted for you. There's space for you even If you don't want to get into code; we will give a short overview of how you can help with non-technical contributions. 
Here’s some of the groups already active:
1. Contributing for first timers in C/C++, JavaScript, Python, Java
These languages can be found in Mozilla projects ( In this group we will introduce various projects. We'll help you find a suitable first bug and to set up the according dev environment.
2. Hacking on Connected Devices
We will have some devices (Raspberry Pi 3/Zero, Intel Edison, Intel NUC) and see what we can come up with. Maybe someone wants to have a go with Firefox OS TV on the NUC (
3. Contributing to Servo
This group will get a short introduction to Servo ( We'll help you set up your dev environment if needed and guide you through a good first bug. If you're already contributing to servo, please join, help out, or we can guide you to some more sophisticated bugs.
4. Your ongoing contributions or projects
This is the opportunity to have a regular slot in your schedule to work on a Mozilla (related) project. If you need some motivation or input from other Mozillians or just a regular event to motivate yourself, this is the place!
Do you have other topics in mind? Feel free to suggest anything else, we'll keep this list of groups and topics up to date.
See you soon, The Berlin Mozilla Community

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