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Open Source Design

April 20, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Mozilla Berlin Community Space, Haus 12, Voltastr. 5, 13355 Berlin, Berlin, Berlin

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Join us in connecting with people to promote and improve open source design. We value learning and sharing freely through both our processes and results. Chat about remote usability tests on a budget, or how one could involve an online community in the design process. We might also discuss the trade offs between various open source tools, or brainstorm some ideas to promote libre design projects to university students.

Q: Do I need to be a programmer, designer, [some other role] to participate? A: No, interest in design and in sharing your process and results with others is enough.
Q: What does the “open source design” mean? A: It means that we aim to share process and results of our design projects for others to learn from and to build upon it. You can see it in contrast to a secretive, non-collaborative design process which often results in things that are not licensed in a way that others can reuse and build upon the work.
Q: Is this constrained to Mozilla products and services? A: No. Mozilla is involved (and donated the space!) but there are other projects on board, too. Everyone and everything is welcome!
Q: What do you mean by design? A: We mean it broadly, encompassing activities like need research, interaction design, graphic design and usability testing.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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