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Open Space

May 9, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Athega AB, Hantverkargatan 21, Stockholm

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Open Space: 
There's often a varied experience among those who attend the meetups. Obviously, we want people to feel that they either learning and teaching (preferably both!), and ultimately have a good time! So let's learn from not only the one giving a talk but from any of those who are attending.
At the beginning of the meetup, anyone is free to propose a topic. Whatever questions or thoughts you might have, let's put it up on the schedule and hopefully we'll be able to make the evening worthwhile regardless of what previous experience you may have.
• Do you want to know if Go is right for your project? 
• Do you want someone to review your code?
• Do you want help understanding someone else's code? 
• Do you want advice on running Go in production? 
• Do you want to discuss the difference between arrays and slices?
Point is, anything goes. For more information on Open Space: 
P.S. While the agenda will be set on the day of the event, feel free to discuss any topics you would like to hear more about in the comment section.

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