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Our Robot Future

April 13, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Cafe Manstein, Mansteinstraße 4, Berlin, Berlin

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Hello tech readers, for our next meetup we will discuss what happens when the robots take over. It is likely that we will end up with a world where machines do almost all of the work. It is much less clear what that world will look like for us humans. And that’s what we want to talk about. Our future will depend on the choices we make now, argues Peter Frase in his book "Four Futures". Frase sketches out four different versions of the future. As one reviewer puts it: "He offers two heavens and two hells: two ways that automation might facilitate a flourishing of human life, and two ways that it might maximise human misery. ... what changes is the political and ecological context". We're excited to delve into "Four Futures: Life After Capitalism" by Peter Frase for our April meetup and hear your thoughts on it. We encourage you to support your local book dealer when you buy the book. Also check out this review in the Guardian, which is the one quoted above:
One option for dealing with the rise of AI-powered machines is taxing robots that automate away human jobs. Bill Gates has ignited that debate again recently. You can read about that here: It’s one of the options we want to discuss. What other ideas have you heard of? Post the links in the comments, and see you April 13 for our meetup! Julia and Jessica
PS: At the April meetup, we expect to have the copies of Lean Out ready to pick up for those who ordered (see here: ). There will also be an option to pick them up in Kreuzberg. We’re excited to read that book in May!

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