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Part 3: The Gaming Evolution

May 10, 18:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Medborgarplatsen, 116 21 , Stockholm

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From console to Cloud. Gaming is moving on leaps and bounds, and we are in the hub of it...
360 productions, mobile, intelligent, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, social gaming experiences and more. What was once an expectation, has become our real-time reality. 
This MeetUp will bring together Gaming Experts, to network over the creativity, diversity and excitement that surrounds this industry!
We will have insightful keynote speakers on the night, who will be letting us in to developments and trends as well as demos of VR/AR and new games on the market, not forgetting food and drink...  
Now is the time, to collaborate, innovate, disrupt and continue to create games like never before.
If you want to be considered for speaking at this event, please email myself as soon as, we will be in touch! 


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