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Patient Care Goes Digital - Hackathon

February 25, 09:00

Berlin, Germany
This location is shown only to members, Mülhauser Str. 6, Berlin

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Hacking Health Berlin and ThoughtWorks are proud to present: 

We are inviting physicians, psychologists, nurses, scientists, patients, entrepreneurs, designers & developers to team up for one weekend conceiving innovative ideas within healthcare. The goal is to gather 25 experts to work on different healthcare challenges and compete in a hackathon for long term project support. The focus for this hackathon will be: How can we improve patient care by using digital technologies?
How to get involved:
(pre-hackathon phase)
• Sign up on post your idea or pain point as a project and build your own team or join an existing team
• teams should consist of 5 participants with multidisciplinary backgrounds e.g. a medical doctor, developer, designer, entrepreneur and a scientist
• come to the venue
• meet your team
• enjoy good food and hack away
• throughout the event we will have keynote speeches and breakout sessions
• At the end of the hackathon most promising projects will be selected by the jury and rewarded with an extensive training and support through a strong local network.

The core principle of a healthcare hackathon
The core principle of a healthcare hackathon is to bring diverse people together to rapidly validate clinical needs and develop solutions. Participants self-organize to interdisciplinary teams build out of clinicians, psychologists, developers, patients, nurses, scientists and entrepreneurs. The aim is to condense the innovation-timeline from months to hours, enabling rapid feedback and efficiency.
Medicine seems stuck in the past
Physicians use magnetic fields and pill-mounted cameras for imaging, robots to perform surgeries or lasers to fix the eye-vision. And yet, in so many other ways - paperwork or pagers - the field of medicine seems stuck in the past. Innovation in patient care requires experts from many different fields such as physicians, psychologists, developers, designers and entrepreneurs. However, at present these experts normally do not work closely together.
Hackathon as an interdisciplinary platform
Providing an interdisciplinary platform at the upcoming hackathon, every single discipline will profit from the information provided by the other experts as well as by the possibility to jointly create innovation in healthcare.
Why take part?
Through sparkboard you can join interdisciplinary teams working on innovative projects or you can build your own team and follow up your project even after the hackathon.
Mentoring at the hackathon
Experienced Mentors assist you at the weekend-hackathon in advancing your project and will provide you with helpful insights and ideas how to improve your idea.
If your team gets elected by the jury, you will profit from extensive trainings and support for your project
No entrance fee
Thanks to our partner ThoughtWorks, the hackathon will be for free for all participants. The venue including drinks and food will be ready for you.
Disclaimer: For matters of restricted space we may not be able to accommodate everyone or every team signing up on the sparkboard. Should demand be overwhelming we will simply repeat the event. Final participants will be informed via sparkboard.

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