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Perfecting Personas – 13th Berlin JTBD meetup

August 9, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Blacklane, Feurigstrasse 59, Berlin

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We welcome you to our next jobs-to-be-done meetup to listen in and discuss the (sometimes dreaded) persona. From day 1 there's been two camps; people claiming personas has too much cruft and irrelevant information, and the people that see beyond that and look to personas to connect and materialize research findings, often to clients.
Following the JTBD meetup in London last month, Andrej has done solid work in finding a best of both worlds regarding jobs research and persona creation. He'll present his work, and we'll do a Q&A after.
We'll also give a brief update on the state of JTBD, and a quick intro to newbies. It's been far to long since last time, and we hope both old–timers and new people will show up.
We've been lucky to host this even at the offices of Blacklane, in Schöneberg.

Berlin Jobs-to-be-Done Meetup Berlin Jobs-to-be-Done Meetup

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