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“PITCH DON’T KILL MY VIBE” with Dave McClure, co-founder @500 Startups 🔥

February 28, 17:45

Berlin, Germany
TheFamily, Chausseestraße 19, 10115, Berlin

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It's time to pitch darling! 🍑 
What's the concept? 5 selected startups will pitch (in English) during 5 minutes and will get juicy feedback from our Sons of Pitches: 😘 - Oussama Ammar, Co-founder at TheFamily - Dave McClure, Co-founder at 500 startups - Mathias Ockenfels, Principal at Point Nine Capital Yeah, Dave will be our very special guest from San Francisco✨  Thanks to Silicon Allee for welcoming him ⚔ Previously, we'll have Dave & Philipp giving a fireside chat on stage. Don't miss it 🔥 Dave has over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship & startups. While he’s always lived in the Valley, he’s invested in hundreds of companies all over the world. You have a project, a product and want to pitch? Don't be shy and give it a try by applying here >> Not ready to pitch yet? Feedback are useful for all the entrepreneurs in the room and will make you a better pitcher. So, join us and help us pick the best startup pitch by clapping your hands 👏 The event is open, totally free and in English! Come and share good vibes with us 💖

About TheFamily: We're a long-term strategic investor that empowers entrepreneurs through education, services, and capital. Founded 3 years ago in France, we now have a portfolio of 300 startups. 
Raised 200 M € collectively for them so far. You may know some of them, like Algolia,, CaptainTrain, and Menu Next Door.  And now we’ve opened new offices in London and Berlin. The good thing about Berlin is that no other place in Europe combines the 3 main ingredients so well:  - Talented entrepreneurs, developers & designers from eastern, southern and northern Europe;  
- A vibrant and easygoing lifestyle - way cheaper than London, way more open than Paris 😉 
  - A cosmopolitan and welcoming city that lets you feel like you’re part of it, even if you weren’t born here.

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