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PM Meetup #24 - Agile Methods and Regulatory Conformance

May 15, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
This location is shown only to members, Unter den Linden 17, Berlin

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Agile Methods And Regulatory Conformance – A Marriage Made In Heaven Or A Fight To The Death?
Many reports talk of a ‘perfect storm’ of change battering our manufacturing industries. Behind this disruption is the deep penetration of new technologies integrated through software. Now while software developers have created a slew of agile methods to cope with rapid change there remains a belief that agile is an excuse for undisciplined behavior and is unsuited to regulated environments.
This presentation challenges this orthodoxy and shows how being lean and agile can coexist with conformance. The talk explores what it means to be agile, lean and compliant and is illustrated by case studies and tips learnt from hard won experience.
About the speaker
Irwin Fletcher leads the quality and process team at OpenSynergy as specialist for embedded automotive software. Prior to joining OpenSynergy Irwin was a consultant helping organizations increase agility and process maturity. Irwin has been a principal expert with the SPICE development team and a lead consultant and assessor for CMMI and Automotive SPICE. Latterly Irwin supported government and financial organizations transform to agile development while maintaining security and conformance.
Estimated timeline of the event
19:00 Admission 19:15 Introduction 19:30 Talk 20:30 Q&A, Networking

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