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Pre Hack for Sweden hackathon mini-meet

March 1, 17:45

Stockholm, Sweden
This location is shown only to members, Regeringsgatan 65, 3rd floor, Stockholm

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Welcome to a Hack for Sweden mini-pre-hack
I'll be at the SUP46 café working on thinking through how I can hack efficiently during Hack for Sweden, what data is available, and prepare myself for the event. Feel free to join me. Limited amount of seats - very limited space. I'd personally like to meet designers. Perhaps you're a designer who'd like to join me during Hack for Sweden? Last day of applying to Hack for Sweden is Feb 19th! I'd be happy to extend my "solo-team" to 2-3 people if I meet a friendly designer who'd like to join me.
It was very well executed last year, I'm expecting it to be great this year around again.
Do you know of a better location, with room for more people? Let me know and we'll change the location!
The event (Hack for Sweden) is March 11-12th.

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