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Pre-Work Talk BERLIN 03/2017: From Technology to Humanity

March 14, 08:30

Berlin, Germany
IXDS, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40, Berlin

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Another month, another massive trade show where the tech world gathers. Last week, Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona, and IXDS was on the ground. But we didn't just walk the floor and help our partner Rambus showcase their latest technology, we co-launched The House of Beautiful Business. 
With the aim to extend the conversation from technology to humanity, The House of Beautiful Business is a new community platform that provides perspectives that draw from the arts and humanities, not just computer science; for emotional, not just digital transformation; for beauty, not just efficiency; and for experiences that bring inherently human qualities such as diversity, civic discourse, intuition, vulnerability, intimacy, and romance to the heart of business and society.
With 11 sessions and over 600 guests across 2 days, The House of Beautiful Business was indeed beautiful, and left us inspired, emboldened, and optimistic. In this Pre-Work Talk, our very own Till Grusche and Creative Consultant Stephen Kimpel will provide a few glimpses into the experiences and conversations that took place in The House, and challenge Berlin’s smartest coffee drinkers and M&M eaters with a few big, meaty questions.
Doors open at 8:30am, and we’ll be kicking off the discussion from 9am. See you at our studio on Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40.

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