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Pre-Work Talk Berlin - Curious collaborations

August 8, 08:30

Berlin, Germany
IXDS, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40, Berlin

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The sky’s certainly not the limit at this month’s Berlin Pre-Work Talk. Unlikely cross-industry collaboration has become crucial to drive innovation in the digital age, so on Tuesday August 8, we’ll be looking to the stars for inspiration. Join us to hear how these new partnerships are having an impact on both humanity and what lies beyond. 
We will be looking at this concept from all angles, leading you on a journey that will take you all way to outer space where artists and scientists have been working together to push the boundaries of creative collaboration. Artist Nahum Mantra, the first artist recognized by the International Astronautical Federation for his cultural contributions to outer space activitie
s, will share the mind-boggling work he’s been able to achieve through his unique partnerships. This has included organizing a group of Mexican artists to travel to Russia to perform artistic experiments onboard zero-gravity parabolic flights!  We’ll then come back down to Earth to see how Impact Hub Berlin’s cross sector innovation programs are disrupting international development, education and entrepreneurship. By pooling stakeholders across different silos, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Impact Hub Berlin Nele Kapretz will explain how together with the community they have been working on creating solutions for the world’s big challenges.  Let’s get together to talk collaboration next Tuesday at our sunny Berlin studio at Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40. It’s gonna be a good one!  Read more about Impact Hub's work here: And here's a great article on Nahum and his work:

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