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Product Analytics - How To Measure Success And Use The Data For Development

November 23, 18:00

Helsinki, Finland
TBD, Centre of Helsinki, Helsinki

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Lean Startup and product management methods call for measuring your product success and fine tuning and even pivoting if the metrics start showing read. Product analytics is crucial for validating your expectations as fast as possible. There are techniques to do validating even before the product is built and delivered.
So how do you measure business, usability and technical goals per user, segment or feature? What tools do you use? How do you use the data in product development?
SPEAKERS AND CASES WELCOME - although we can usually spur up a lively conversation among the participants anyway. Also those in need of help and friendly advice are welcome to present your cases
FAME & GLORY? - SPONSOR SOME SNACKS? - light snack, beer or soft drink would be appreciated, so if you want your company's roll-up in the event or mentioned as a sponsor in the meetup page, twitter, linked and the event, don't hesitate to contact.

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