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Product Crunch - IoT Edition

May 17, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Goodpatch GmbH, Oranienstraße 6 (Treppenhaus 4), Berlin

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Hey Product Crunch Lovers,
we are really excited to invite you to our 8th Product Crunch Meetup - IoT Edition! 
On Wednesday, May 17th we welcome two great speakers:
Ricardo Brito of Futurice - " Designer + Engineer = IoT Magic“ 
Michelle Thorne of Mozilla - " Healthy Practices for the Internet of Things”

Some more details of our speakers: 
Ricardo Brito | @toastedric |

Ricardo is the Lead Service Designer with Futurice Berlin. He is developing successful digital services and is pushing the boundaries with new concepts in the design domain and outside of it. His current focus is on the future of IoT, Digital Disruption, Hyper Local Services and Smart Cities. Ricardo is one of the Inventors of Futurice's IoT Service Design Kit that enables teams to test-drive IoT concepts in the real world, and one of the hosts of The ThingCast.

Michelle Thorne | @thornet |

Michelle leads Mozilla’s Open Internet of Things Studio, a professional learning network committed to making IoT more open. We collaborate on prototypes that serve local communities and celebrate the unique affordances of physical places. We test and critique best practices for embedding privacy, digital literacy and diversity & inclusion in IoT. We publish and exhibit our results as a way to reflect and advocate for these values as the internet evolves into more physical and ubiquitous forms.
Together with Peter Bihr, Michelle co-authored the book Understanding the Connected Home, and exhibited in The Good Home Project. She co-founded Zephyr Berlin, a clothing label making pants that look great, perform and travel well, and are built to last for years.
Michelle cares about equality through digital empowerment and innovation through open, collaborative practices. And karaoke.
We look forward to hosting you and our speakers!
Khanh & Felix

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