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Product Heroes 👊🏽 with Wavy (ex-Cookies, now Klarna) &

October 11, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
The Family, Chausseestraße 19, 10115, Berlin

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🍪 "How we built a kick-ass Pan-European P2P payment system in less than 6 months” with Lamine Cheloufi, Head of Product @Wavy (Klarna)
Lamine Cheloufi is Product Director at Klarna where he is leading the Wavy team. Wavy is the fastest and most accessible P2P payment app in Europe. It enables users to share payments throughout Europe in real-time. ⚡️
🔥 They had less than 6 months to put together this solution. Lamine will explain how they formed hypothesis and lessons learned from his previous startup, Cookies App (acquired by Klarna). 
Lamine will walk you through all the steps of the product’s branding and engineering, to show how YOU can also build a kick-ass product at light speed. 👌🏽
At Wavy, Lamine works with an outstanding product & engineering team that pushes the boundaries of technology, usability and design to create a unique user experience combined with state of the art security mechanisms.  Before leading Wavy, Lamine was Co-Founder at "Cookies" and head of product at N26. He graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a M.Sc. in Management and Information Technology and was awarded "Forbes 30 Under 30 in Finance”.
👾 “How to Find and Hire the Right Tech Talent” by Marc Philip Clemens, Founder & CEO
For a product to exist, you need people to build it. But in today’s market, developers are scarce - and good ones even more so. 👀
👉🏽 CodeControl has recruited more than 100 elite developers from the top 3% in Europe within 9 months. They know a thing or two about spotting and matching the right talent to a project. 😉 Come learn the ins and outs of tech recruiting and how to to tell whether someone is right for you!
Marc Philip Clemens is the Founder & CEO of CodeControl, a community of top tech talents that develop software for startups and big companies.

This event is free & totally open. 💖

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About TheFamily:
We're a long-term strategic investor that empowers entrepreneurs through education, services, and capital. Founded 4 years ago in France, we now have a portfolio of 300 startups. Raised 200 M € collectively for them so far. You may know some of them, like Algolia,, CaptainTrain, and Menu Next Door. And now we’ve opened new offices in London and Berlin.  The good thing about Berlin is that no other place in Europe combines the 3 main ingredients so well: 
- Talented entrepreneurs, developers & designers from eastern, southern and northern Europe; 

- A vibrant and easygoing lifestyle - way cheaper than London, way more open than Paris 😉 
- A cosmopolitan and welcoming city that lets you feel like you’re part of it, even if you weren’t born here. 

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