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ProductTank Berlin #12: Google Design Sprints

April 10, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
This location is shown only to members, Max-Beer-Straße 2, Berlin

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Google Design Sprints have become incredibly popular especially for start-ups, entrepreneurs and early-stage companies. Along with various other lean tools and methodologies it pairs up with design-thinking methods to enable you to validate your ideas and launch successful in a short timeframe of only a couple of weeks or even days. So what is the magic that happens when product strategists, creatives, and engineers come together in these sprints, how can you apply it in a more mature product setting and what are the things you have to take care of most to get it right?
Join us for an interesting evening to get these questions tackled, doors will open 18:30. We are proud to announce the following speakers: 
John Vetan - COO New Haircut -  Talk: 'Design Sprints - How to enable your team no matter what setting you're in.'

John was destined to be a technology pioneer. After graduating from Polytechnic University in Romania he started his own digital agency in 2003. In 2010 a US office was open in New York to support a growing number of customers in North American market. John is the mastermind behind all of the digital offerings that originate out of New Haircut. He’s chartered the evolution of New Haircut’s product development and design thinking process over the past 6 years. Most recently, he led New Haircut to becoming thought leaders in applying design sprints to build digital solutions. This process is routinely honed on products created for either New Haircut corporate or startup customers.

Christin Schink - Product Manager & Victoria Busse - UX Lead -
Talk: 'Case Study'

Christin Schink As Product Manager Christin is currently responsible for the search and finding experience of ebay's automobile marketplace Before that, she was steering the platform internationalization and virtual try-on experience of Europe's leading online optician, Mister Spex. For her the smartest way to tackle the biggest business opportunities is to join forces with data science, engineering and UX in observing and responding to the users and the market.
Victoria Busse Victoria is currently working for ebay's automobile marketplace leading and forming the in-house UX team. Before that, she was leading the UX department of a browser gaming company after introducing UX to the company. She flourishes in observing and understanding the world around her to craft experiences that last and matter to people.

Katharina Weber - Freelancer & Dennis Middecke Managing Partner at - eda.c 
Talk: 'Design Sprints at Enterprise Scale – How Teams at Deutsche Telekom Work Towards a Common Vision'

Katharina is a freelance user experience designer and strategist from Berlin. She is specialised in creating great user experiences for complex applications such as enterprise software for professional users or online banking and finance applications. With her background in business she is also supporting her clients in the user driven development of product strategies and organisational design. Since 2011 Katharina is also a fellow member of eda.c - an independent European strategic design consultancy.
Dennis is Managing Partner at eda.c, a strategic design consultancy based in Paris, Düsseldorf and Berlin. He worked with Deutsche Telekom, SAP, Boeing, Toyota and the UN as well as smaller start-up companies on products, services and initiatives around the digital workplace. Dennis believes that it is necessary to reimagine continuously the way enterprises work in order to deliver impactful products and services.
Dennis is contributor to the Enterprise Design Framework, a set of tools to help organizations tackle strategic design challenges in complex enterprise environments. In 2014 Dennis co-founded the INTERSECTION Conference series and is part of the organizing team.

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