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ProductTank Berlin #13: Trust & Security

July 26, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
This location is shown only to members, Klosterstraße 62, 10179 Berlin, Berlin

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More and more of our information is stored online, flowing seamlessly between products and services. Algorithms interpret the world through a lens made of assumptions and design decisions - both explicit and implicit. A security hole can be anything from a minor inconvenience or an international fiasco.
What are some of the ethical implications of the design choices made by product managers? How can we make smarter decisions which optimise for the trust and security of our users?
Join us for an interesting evening to get these questions tackled, doors at N26 will open 18:30 Talks start round about 19:00.
We are proud to announce the following speakers:
• Ame (sounds like “Amy”) Elliott - Designing Trustable Products
• Maya Ganesh - Ethics in tech and autonomous vehicles
• To be announced ...
Here is some more information about the speakers and their talks.
Designing Trustable Products - Ame (sounds like “Amy”) Elliott - Design Director at nonprofit Simply Secure.
Simply Secure empowers practitioners to build trustworthy technology through professional education and research. Previously, Ame was design research lead for IDEO San Francisco, and a research scientist at Xerox PARC and Ricoh Innovations in Silicon Valley. Her design work has been recognized with awards from the AIGA, IDSA/IDEA, the Edison Awards, and the Webby Awards. Ame holds a PhD in design theory and methods from the University of California, Berkeley.

About Ame’s talk:
“If people don’t trust your product to protect them from theft, harassment, or even physical violence, they won’t use it. Historically, security has been treated as an engineering topic, with user experience separated from the technical implementation. This presentation discusses how interaction design, brand strategy, copywriting, and more can contribute to making products people trust. We will discuss examples from current best practices in usable security, and address how to adapt and extend these successful microinteractions into the emerging areas of wearable and embedded/IoT devices.”
Ethics in tech and autonomous vehicles - Maya Ganesh
Maya is a researcher, writer, and information activist living in Berlin. She has worked with Tactical Technology Collective for over seven years. She leads the organisation's projects on Gender and Technology, and researches the social and political implications of living in a data society. She has a particular interest in ethnographic approaches to how individuals and communities interact with technology. She has Masters degrees in Applied Psychology (Delhi, 1997) and Media and Cultural Studies (Sussex, 2007), and is a doctoral candidate at Leuphana University, Lüneburg studying how ethics is being shaped in terms of accountability for artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles.
Based on her doctoral work exploring ethics and accountability for crashes and accidents in complex technical systems, Maya will challenge the idea that ethics is a machine learned computational output, and that it possibly involves different human and non-human parts of a technical system.

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