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Project night and Railsgirls follow-up

March 30, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
Hemnet, David Bagares gata 3, Stockholm

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Join a small group of other Ruby coders for a few hours of project hacking. Those without a project are invited to join pairs, and those with a project are invited to hack code. Anything Ruby is fair game: Rails pull requests, that crazy late-night idea, implementing your own programming language in Ruby, working through a Ruby tutorial, placing bets on the colors of DHH's sneakers, working on your startup, starting your startup, and so on.
There will be food, drinks and snacks.
If you went to the recent Railsgirls event, this is a great opportunity to meet other Ruby people, ask questions and get going.
Bring a laptop, bring an idea, and bring your passion!
PS. Sorry about the short notice. Hopefully the snacks will make up for it!

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