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PyData Berlin July meetup

July 19, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
This location is shown only to members, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 14, 10178 Berlin, Berlin

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Hello there! Welcome to the July meetup.
Doors open at 19:00 and food and drinks will be provided by our host, Zeitgold.
Our speakers are: Viktor Tönköl, Head of Data Processing at Motionlogic GmbH and Dr. Pierre Garreau,  CTO at Maritime Data Systems GmbH.
Viktor Tönköl 
Title  Starting a pipeline - starting a relationship Technical introduction of a PySpark data processing pipeline
Abstract  Imagine it's summer, you are a young soul, you are in Berlin and you are in search of the One. Everything is there, birds are singing, party at the Spree, swarm of people drinking, dancing, having fun. You are still warming up with a few beers at the bar, when your eyes get locked... Whatever comes next will be crucial!
What does this have to do with Python and data? What I can promise you is Spark, python code and insights into a telco data processing pipeline. Plus some tips and tricks we learned along the way.
Short bio  Viktor started his carrier in Budapest as Java developer, later became responsible for delivering various projects for the bank sector. A bit more than a year ago he moved to Berlin to join Motionlogic's energetic and young team, where he is responsible for the data processing team. His daily tasks allow him to stay close to the code, although he also seeks coding in his free time.
Dr. Pierre Garreu
Title  The Broker: an event detection engine for the maritime industry.
Abstract  In this talk we will look at a live data pipeline, build on top of raw NMEA messages to capture port events. We will talk about two ingredients: a light weight message broker for the IoT called paho-mqtt and a state machine framework we use to organize event detection. We will wrap up by putting it all together: the raspberry pi’s, the pipeline and some machine learning special sauce. 
Short bio  French Floridian based in Germany building machine learning magic for the Maritime Industry. Former Quant at Deutsche Bank and Applied Math postdoc at UCLA. 

Lightning talks - Introduction to the Berlin Functional Programming Group, by Simone Robutti
If you want to give a lightning talk, send us an email at [masked] or come and say hi at the event.

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