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PyData Berlin March Meetup

March 15, 19:15

Berlin, Germany
Bonial Ventures GmbH, Warschauer Str. 70A, 10243 Berlin, Berlin

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Welcome PyData buddies!  We'll be keeping warm for our March meetup thanks to the folks at Bonial. Doors open at 19:15 and we have two speakers, we'll start off with some food and drinks sponsored by Bonial.
Style Transfer using Deep Learning (Błażej Osiński -
Have you ever aspired to create a work of art, but at the same time felt that brush, paint and canvas belong to the XIX-century? Do you follow the credo “an hour without coding is an hour lost”? Fortunately, you can now use deep learning algorithms and make the machines do the heavy lifting of painting for you, while the artist (that is you!) only needs to choose the topic and style of the piece. In the talk we will take a closer look at how the algorithm works and how to implement it in Python, using Keras and Neptune. After the talk, what your create is going to be limited only by your imagination. Luckily, data scientists have plenty of it. Let’s have some fun, shall we?
Looking forward to seeing you there! And, as always, please remember to update your RSVP to ensure others have a chance to join.

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