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PyData February Meetup: Online Gambling Addiction and From Pandas to Dask

February 15, 19:30

Berlin, Germany
Sound Cloud HQ, Soundcloud – Rheinsberger Street 76, 10115, Berlin

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Welcome PyData aficionados!  We'll be keeping warm for our February meetup thanks to the folks at SoundCloud. Doors open at 19:30 and we have two speakers, we'll start off with some food and drinks sponsored by SoundCloud.
Feature Engineering - from the lab to the real world of online gambling (Tilman Lesch)
As an affiliate researcher at the University of British Columbia's Centre for Gambling Research, Tilman Lesch recently started a research project on predicting online gambling addiction based on betting behaviour using a transaction record from online gambling site. After introducing the concept of behavioural additions, and some fundamentals such as loss chasing - the false belief that one can win losses back - or speed-of-play, he will show how such patterns can be round in actual betting records obtained from an actual online gambling platform. The talk will conclude with a discussion of planned and future methods and analysis.
Getting to know Dask: when data doesn't fit in Pandas anymore
Björn Lengers will give us an introduction to using Dask, as told through his experience of outgrowing Pandas. He will cover issues experienced in the transition from Pandas to Dask and how he troubleshooted errors along the way. Bjoern wrote his first line of code three years ago and advises companies about data analysis.
Looking forward to seeing you there! And, as always, please remember to update your RSVP to ensure others have a chance to join.

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