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PyLadies Berlin Meetup with Thomas Iorns

August 22, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
"The Shuttle" Tech Innovation Lab @ Zalando Tech, Mollstraße 1, Berlin

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Real-Time Multi-User Web Applications, Served with Python and Tornado
Python is great for rapidly crafting, prototyping, and deploying web applications. In this talk we learn how to use Tornado, an asynchronous web server written for Python, to quickly develop and serve applications designed for real-time multi-user interaction. By interfacing with standard web design tech (HTML, CSS, Javascript), we can cleanly separate the user interface from the application logic, leading to robust and easy-to-develop apps.
About the Speaker:
Thomas Iorns is a computer graphics programmer who loves to use Python whenever it fits the job. He's been programming in Python on and off for over a decade and a half, and has used it for various projects, including: number-crunching, data visualization, desktop and web apps, and growing 3d trees from virtual seed.
19:00: Enjoy some food and drinks  19:20: Talk begins (Please bring your laptops) 21:00: Q&A

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