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React Helsinki x React Finland

May 31, 17:30-21:00

Helsinki, Finland
Annankatu 34B


React Helsinki and React Finland would like to invite you to a meetup 31.5.

React Finland ( conference is coming next fall 12.-16.9. and we wanted to bring the community together before the summer.

We are being hosted by Futurice, Annankatu 34B, 8th floor (

Talks (starting around 18:00):
Eemeli Aro: The Road to Intl.MessageFormat
David Corbacho: Next.js, great UX starts in the server
Eeva-Jonna Panula: "Things I wish I had known when I first started with accessibility"

We will also livestream the event for those who cannot make it in person. Link to the stream:

React Helsinki React Helsinki

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Aleksi Pousar Aleksi Pousar


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