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Scalable Machine Learning and Deep Learning with H2O

June 8, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
Danderyds Sjukhus, Danderyds Sjukhus, 182 57, Danderyd

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At this meetup Jo-fai Chow - a Data Scientist at - will visit us from London and talk about machine learning using the H2O framework with R.
Introduction to Scalable Machine Learning with H2O
This talk will be an overview of - its open-source machine learning platform as well as its new projects - Deep Water and Steam. Jo-fai will also explain how you can do scalable machine learning using H20. If you are not familiar with H2O, this presentation will give you enough information about it.
Deep Water - Making Deep Learning Accessible to Everyone
Deep Water is H2O's integration with multiple open source deep learning libraries such as TensorFlow, MXNet and Caffe. On top of the performance gains from GPU backends, Deep Water naturally inherits all H2O properties in scalability, ease of use and deployment. In this talk, Jo-fai will go through the motivation and benefits of Deep Water. After that, he will demonstrate how to build and deploy deep learning models with or without programming experience using H2O's R/Python/Flow (Web) interfaces.
The event will last for a couple of hours and we will have a short break between the talks, e.g. if someone wants to buy coffee/snacks at PressbyrÄn (next to the Aula).
See you there!

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