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SCALING TOGETHER - Overcoming the barriers in Corporate – Startup collaboration

February 9, 15:00

Stockholm, Sweden
SynerLeap – ABB Corporate Research Center, Forskargränd 8, Västerås

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Innovation is key to sustained corporate success, innovative firms grow twice as fast as non-innovators, both in employment and sales. The collaboration between corporates and startups, as well as early-stage scaling business, has never been so crucial. Much has happened the past year and in the creation of a greater number of partnerships, incubators and hubs by larger corporations to foster closer relationships in the era of new eco-systems. This can lead to innovation, new products and new services within the larger corporations alongside engendering better sales and supply chain opportunities to the smaller companies.
Come to “the heart of robotics & energy” and explore ABB´s new arena for collaboration – SynerLeap -  and come to hear our experts discuss their technology predictions for 2017 and the state of the Swedish innovation landscape in the year ahead.
Speakers: Marie Wall (Regeringskansliet), Martin Anderlind (SGF Energy) Stefan Fölster (Reforminstitutet), Peter Löfgren (SynerLeap), Aleksandar Zuza (IF Metall), Bertil Thorvaldsson (ABB Robotics).
Moderator: Bengt Eliasson – Silicon Vikings
SynerLeap is an innovation growth hub located in the heart of the ABB Corporate Research Center in Västerås Sweden.The purpose is to create an ecosystem where ABB can utilize and enable small technology companies to grow and expand on a global market in three areas: industrial automation, robotics and energy.
Driving from Stockholm – approx. 1,5 Hours.
Train from Stockholm – approx. 1 Hour

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