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SCS / LC Lab / Berlin Modular showcase night

February 18, 20:00

Berlin, Germany
SPEKTRUM, B├╝rknerstr 12, Berlin

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The Spektrum communities - Berlin Modular, LC Lab and Sonic Code Sessions - will be performing together to present you a lush programme. The artists of the individual groups will interact with each other to create improvised audiovisual performances.
Berlin Modular aims to bring the modular synthesiser, the experience of building one, and it's luscious sounds to all people and aliens alike.
The Live Cinema Lab is an improvisation group consisting of sound and visual artists. During their sessions members create compositions and performances in real time by exploring audio-visual interactions and aesthetics.
Sonic Code Sessions provide a time and place for self directed and collaborative learning + experimentation with generative music and the use of computing skills for sonic expression.

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